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December 20, 2013
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M-Kayahan-Memory-V Part 1 by wyrd66 M-Kayahan-Memory-V Part 1 by wyrd66


There is a society on the mountain that promises information in exchange for difficult favors. These men and women appear to know much, in detail, about everyone. Their intelligence agents are spread far and wide and can even provide information about other character's in Hetherev. Your character for some reason requires their aide, what task must they perform to get it, and what question will they ask?

The information broker in Ventry had told Kayahan to seek out an old temple in the southernmost portion of Kobekan’s jagged peaks. He was not impressed by what he found; old stone crumbling under the weather’s unforgiving onslaught, wind whistling through chilled corridors, and ice limning every clouded window.

The monk that met him at the door was short, coming barely to his shoulder. Gender was not immediately apparent, though he found human(… oids) hard to guess on occasion; he tentatively decided on female, by the timber of its voice, when it greeted him.

“I was told you would provide me with a way to regain my career name.” He tucked his hands in his sleeves to warm them, pressing his palms against his stomach. The delicate joints in his right hand ached with arthritis. He needed his career name; without it, he wasn’t a person, had no vocation, no identity. He knew, not in his gut as humans would say, but in his teeth and eyes and claws, in his soul, that if he regained his career name, he’d regain his memories, and, thus, himself.

The monk tilted its (her?) head. A deep cowl threw its face into shadow, swallowing its eyes. To Kayahan’s pit organs, they glowed with heat, bright against the warm face. A third eye, placed in the forehead, glowed brighter yet. “It would be our pleasure to give it to you,” the monk’s voice was slightly lighter than Kayahan’s own, each word carefully pronounced. “In return, you must do something for us.”

The paski watched, waited.

The monk laced its fingers together. “There is a man in Lang Chi. He came for information—as you have—and stole something of immeasurable value to us.”

Fetch quests again. He stifled a sigh. “You wish me to get it back?”

“We wish you to kill him.” She (it?) smiled slightly at his startled blink. “You need not worry about the item. But kill this man. He is armed, and a fierce fighter. A week ago he slew a warrior who challenged him to combat.” The monk paused. “We had sent the warrior, in return for information. As we send you. End this man’s life, and we will tell you your third name. Will you do this?”

Kayahan’s eyes were flat. “This will not be a problem.”


Part 1 of the Kayahan-Regains-His-Memories two-parter! I picture Lang Chi looking very much like China in winter, so I looked at a bunch of refs while I decided what to draw. In the end it looks pretty simple, but I had to redraw that fence three times. XD  I'm slowly increasing my stamina when it comes to paintings. No way could I paint something this complicated a year ago. Also, that says, "Ginko St.", if you can't tell. And I think it's actually spelled "ginkgo". Whups. Oy vey.

I'm going to talk about the garrote a bit (fairly non-graphically), but out of deference to people who may be sensitive, I'll put it at the end, and preface it with a bunch of stars (***).

No cameos this time! I'll try to fit some in Dale's next challenge.

Done in watercolors. Kayahan is mine.



So what Kayahan has chosen to use is a garrote, because it's fairly fast and doesn't leave blood on the ground. Also hard to fight back against. The version he's using is based on what they used in India in the 17th and 18th centuries, where it's made of silk, and has a knot at the center to crush the larynx.

I wonder what the authorities would think of my google searches.

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That man will rue the day he stole from the monks.....for like...the 5 seconds he has before he dies....

Not sure the authorities would be too keen on murder in Lang Chi though?
At least this way it isn't really messy....
Protip: Don't steal from the creepy monks. XD

Yep, the authorities will be unhappy when they find a body discreetly tucked into some back alleyway. At the risk of making my character sound "perfect", Kayahan's extremely practiced in making sure he isn't connected to Mysterious Deaths in the Vicinity. That being said, unless I change my mind, there will be a run-in with the local police in a future challenge...
And he was never heard from again
Sounds like a harsh deal to me! O_O I also wonder what Lang Chi authorities would think about what Kayahan is about to do here!

Also, frightening monks. Any backstory on them?
Pretty sure they'd disapprove. XD  Unless I change my mind, Kayahan will have a run-in with the authorities for unrelated reasons in an upcoming challenge.

The... appropriateness of killing a man in exchange for a name will be addressed in part two of this challenge. Should be interesting to see if Kayahan thinks it was worth it, when he regains his memories.

The monks do not have a backstory! Just some guys I made up for the challenge, and tried to make seem like they've been here (in Hetherev) for a while. I like Third Eyes, and I like morally ambiguous characters, and I like creepy things. I could probably come up with some history on them, if you were interested in using them later. 

I'm glad they came across as unsettling; means I did my job!
I do enjoy seeing kernels developed into things, and I'm especially aware of Kobekan-mentions as, eventually, I'd like to try folding a few in for my own character... it'd be great to start a little post for those mentions here and there of NPC's, villages, etc!
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